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Why is the standard storage container not shorter than walls? I've worked in numerous factories, indoor storage is designed so shipping containers fit, height and width wise, in X number of stacks with very little wasted space. In other words, yes, you can just build a double height wall but that's a lot of wasted vertical space.
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Few things in this game, is exact wall height. Thats just how things are.

I just make my floors a set height and accept it. Normal floors have next foundation on 6th wall, as that matches  jump pad and smoke height.
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Most things are taller than the wall.  I just think the wall is intended to be a piece of a wall and not the whole wall.
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I think they plan on releasing new types of building blocks. Like half walls and the like. So you can create a building to the specifications you need.

I don't know if that is official or not, but I remember seeing some dev video showing off things like half walls, angle ramps, railings, etc.

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Because that's how the developers chose to create the game. It's their game and that's how they want it to be so that's how it is.
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The mere fact that this website even exists proves your statement wrong. Why would you even say that?
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Because it's true. We can offer suggestions and ask for them to add something to the game. But in the end it is solely their game. They don't have to do anything we ask for and they may not if they don't want to. They created the boxes. They wanted the boxes to be the height that they are so that's why the boxes are what they are. We didn't make the game, they did. They own the Intellectual Property for the game and all of it's assets: It's their game and they create it how they want it to be.
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