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Love playing the game and watching people play the game (ImKibtz)

Here are some Suggestion i have though of to make the game more challenging in a Hard Mode environment and add some Perks

Space elevator

Since the elevator is pretty much useless between Upgrade Tiers and in the late game, I suggest you be able to load items into it and send them to the orbital platform in exchange for research points. These could be used to increase pocket dimensions, Blade Runner speed, jet pack fuel efficiency, Jet pack Mid air recharge, belt speed(in exchange for power consumption), Rifle Cartridge capacity. The amount allowed to be loaded into the Elevator could be based on the size/weight of the items and how much power is needed to get them up there, max being the remaining available power you are producing. i also suggest you only be able to launch once per day and that a launch would disable you power grid for 1 day. This would encourage players to go out and explore the world while their factory is offline, with the reward that after they return they will be able to increase their stats of some of their equipment.

Miner Limitations

Place a cap on how many resources can be mined at a certain depth, with each level of miner increasing how far down resources can be mined with an option to add power shards to increase depth as well.

Structure Limitations

Add weigh and material strength constraints to make building factories more difficult.


Nuclear could mutate enemies increasing their stats and aggression.

Mod additions

For the mods that give you God like powers add Constraints that make you build a structure that allows for you to obtain those powers. Example: Unlimited Flying, add a structure that allows you to do that within a certain radius of that structure and make it consume resources and energy. Copy and Paste, add a structure that can create Nanites that will build your copy and pasted structure based on how much power is available (more power= faster build time).


Add a structure that will recycle items into their base materials, at a loss or Burn them for a an additional power source.

Spell check in here would be cool too.

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I think you have a lot of ideas but I'm not sure they can be good for the game...

For the space elevator, it can be a good idea to create other kind of research, but the part where you shutdown the power grid is not a good idea at all ! people want to find other ressources nodes, hard drive and slug, so they will go out (and play) by them selfs. Cut the production for one day means that they won't experience what the core game has to offer.

Miner's limitation can be a good idea, but only for a more hardcore game mode. But on the other side, it mean that the game will have technicaly an end. Because when there will be no more ressources, the player's factory will be useless... and so the core game.

For the polution part, well, it will never appen, devs are clear about that.

For the mod part, il is assumed that Satisfactory already support mod. So idea about mod maybe not put in here (it's a site for idea for the main game, not for mods by fans...). But for sure a copy-past feature can be a good idea. But someone created a post about that, you should look for it and give it a up-vote.

For the recycle part, it can be a good idea to undone some craft with a loss. But burn metal or mineral composed object to gain energy seem to be pretty strange. I don't want the game to be realistic as hell but it doesnt look realistic at all.
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Now that I think about it all of my suggestions are more for a Hard Mode option and not for the basic game. An end game would be cool but I would want it to be challenging and take along time to get there while being able to delay it through use of a Recycle option. I find alot of satisfaction when utilizing things efficiently. Thank you for your response.
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How many times have to be said?!

There won't be ever any pollution in the game ! DEVS MADE IT CLEAR !

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Thanks for the heads up
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