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Hi. I have some serious suggestions with very basic drawing/manipulation skills. I think they might live within update 4. And, most of them for visuality of our game, and one for smoother/easier CPU usage. (images taken from google)

4 Ideas 4 Update 4

1- Fogg And Mountains: They should be far away from active playing zone with smaller size/scale.

2- Living Environment: Most of the factories should be build under the level of big mountains. (yes, we can reach top of the map if we want.. but its not the case for green environment)

3- NanoTech Factories: Both for visuality & better Performance, i do think we need nanotech factory forms that produce same amount of components, with different & very smaller size. The nanotech factory's outside form can be adjustable, but once you confirm it --> You shouldn't turn it back ( you need to do traditonal factory again),  just able to remove it. Also, nanotech removes all the production system selected --> To transfrom it nano tech form.. (i hope you understand what i mean )

4- New Way/Bridge/Transportation Parts: You do know what i mean here :)

Fur Bettar Satisfactory.


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Hey again.. Today i took some screenshots for further imaginations here.
Note: I do not argue that we just need inclined areas. No. My ideas/suggestions are (mostly) aganist the -bad looking- turbid fog&Mountains.




https://i.imgyukle.com/2019/12/15/R8SBMI.png (Original One)
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