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No matter what my health is, full, half, 1 bar, etc, after exiting a vehicle my health goes to 3 bars, with no indication of taking damage (no "damage to ficsit property" message). The vehicles I have tested this on are the explorer, truck, and the train, with all of them doing the same thing. This happens 100% of the time in my world, and started after I updated to the latest version today and I have never encountered this before. This is on experimental build 109693.

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Do you know what for is search option ?!

It is for lookin if there is no similar/ same topic !!

But morons like you obviously are too stupid to know that!!

This issue has been reported from day one after experimental update.
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Thank you for your kind and understanding feedback.

I did perform a search and found a topic called "[Experimental] Health bar stays at 3 bar no matter what.", in which the OP did NOT include the details that I provided, specifically about how exiting the vehicles seems to be what triggers it, which made me believe that it could be a separate issue. Of course if it isn't and my information was not helpful, then I am so sorry to have wasted 15 seconds of your life.
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It would have been much better, though, to add your comment to their thread than start a new one...
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Do you think what I am experiencing is identical to the previous report? If it is then I would agree with you as submitting multiple bug reports on the same problem doesn't make sense, but I wasn't sure due to the differences in when the bug was occurring so I created a new one just in case.
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It's a different bug. Might have the same cause, but the symptom is different: this one is about health resetting to 3 when you use a vehicle.
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I'm having the same exact issue; health dropping to 3 when exiting a tractor; experimental.  It pretty much breaks the experimental game.
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