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When starting a new game Ficsit states they re-use everything!

However, when accessing a crash site you can pick up some parts that have dropped off the lander. You can also "repair" the module containing the hard drive and retrieve that drive to analyse it.

Then you just have to leave the site leaving the scrap behind. This is in stark contrast to the "re-use everything" from the beginning of the game.

I personally find that we should be able to dismantle the scraps (e.g. using the F key on the parts) on the crash site to re-use everything.

What parts are granted on dismantling the lander is up for discussion and may depend on the level of the player to support her in her development.

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The crash sites been placed manually just like rest of the map.

They are part of the map.
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That's not a valid excuse.
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It's not an excuse it's a fact: The developers chose them to be part of the landscape. Therefore they are part of the landscape. As in permanent.
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The point of the OP is still valid - having them left there is against the "reuse everything" mantra.
It's also annoying that you have to go up and check the darned thing again when you wander across it "Have I already looted this one?"
Sure you can place a marker there but that is again against the waste nothing mentality we are supposed to believe in.
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Acknowledged. As of right now, they are in fact part of the landscape. I believe what we're all saying is, that's not how it should be and they should be changed. Maybe that's already in the plan since this is still in development but OP is chiming in as they should to make sure someone realizes this. It is the whole point of this feedback website.
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That really isn't a good answer. They also placed foliage, resource nodes, rocks and other things that are part of the landscape... but you can interact/collect/destroy them just fine.

Being able to disassemble crash wreckage would be a welcome addition to the game. Maybe even give us a unique type of material, similar to Somersloops and Mercer Spheres that can be used for something special later on?
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