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Whenever you look at a conveyor belt from a distance, it will appear visually that it's going in the opposite way even if another section closer to you isn't. This will however reload and act like normal when approached. This will only work after the item graphics lowers, meaning after a certain distance has been passed.

Just a wierd bug i found and it does sort of ruin immersion a little. Hope it gets fixed!
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Ever looked at a wheel or an airoplane propelloron a television screen and watched it turn backwards?

Same effect.  Not a bug, just phasing.
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Are you serious now or are you trolling? i'm sorry but the reason the wheel or a propellor appear like it's going backwards is because of an effect yes but it's really only a thing that happens when speed has been applied to them. This visual glitch still works even with the slowest moving conveyor belt EG the MK.1

It's like saying that my feet turn backwards when walking. Maybe if i was sprinting like bolt you'd see some slower movements but i don't think you'd see my feet go backwards. Nice try but no.
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I actually tried to look at a spinning wheel on a tractor and even at the speed it was going, i didn't see the effect happen. These items on the conveyors are not even close to the speed of the tractor. Pretty sure it's just a conveyor glitch and not anything else.

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This is by design. The developers chose to do this several updates back when they changed the LoD (level of detail) settings in the game. This is not a bug.
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