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i spend much time to run/jump/fly around in my base and collect the materials from the varius storage containers for building up my base.
.. and often just for 5 plates or 1 other item.

as we have a cool remote tool and the materials will be teleported from the own inventory when building something, why not also from a dedicated, linked storage?

  • unlocked with a certain tier and tech
  • container have an option "link to player inventory"
    • gives the option to take the material directly from your production or just from the overflow
  • (maybe the same option in traktor/truck/explorer)
  • you can give names to containers
  • container or player have an limited radius to connect to an "Remote Storage" (10 tiles at the beginning? - maybe extendable with an alternate tech)
  • little popup to see which containers are linked in radius
  • fill the container with a bunch of the needed materials
  • --> build

this will give you the freedom to build in your surrounding.
maybe also for building at the crafting bench? .. but think, this is OP

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It was a thing in locked beta, so maybe we will see it again, in later tiers: https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Remote_Storage
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but this remote storage looks a little heavy and for long distances. .. like to connect 2 bases.
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