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Hello! I bought the game for cheap this holiday season and loved it. I'll now stop and wait for version 1.0. I do have one request / word of advice:

Make sure you are satisfied with your storytelling/storylines before you actually launch the story mode. Don't do like Hello Games did with No Man's Sky. They reworked the entire story (and the player-learnt dialects) post-launch with end-game items and new characters, without compensating day-one players. They never acknowledged that. We had to edit our save files or play for 50+ additional hours to get the rewards for completing already completed storylines and to become fluent again.

Think similarly with gameplay loops, please. I chose to wait for version 1.0, but this statement makes me fear that you'll reproduce Hello Games' mistakes:

We hope to work on this game for years to come and make something truly special. We are not entirely sure what would qualify as a 1.0 version of Satisfactory

 TL;DR: Respect and acknowledge player's progression and playthrough.

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