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I have a Caterium mine that's seperate from my main factory, feeding into a couple of storage containers.  It's all powered etc.  (stocking up while I get my train track built).

I've checked on it a few times when I've been in the area and it seems like it doesn't mine unless I'm close to it (very little ore in the containers considering the time I've been away, but fills up quite fast when I'm near the thing).

Is this an actual thing or is it a but because it seems like it's just this one mine.
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I'm not sure just how satisfactory deals with this, but generally speaking, in most games, the calculations for anything that is not on screen are simplified. This often means diminishing the amount of times the game updates the state of objects and the game just interpolates what happened between those 2 states.

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Thats not suppose to be a thing. It should work the same regardless of how far away you are. Check the belt speed and such.
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Yep, have done.  When I'm next to it, power staffs are Green and ore is flowing.  I move away and the number of ingots barely moves.  I tried a teleport mod to teleport directly there and for a couple of seconds until the game catches up, nothing flows and power staffs are red :-/

Like I said it's just this one particular mine, I've deconstructed/rebuilt it a few times in case I was doing something wrong in the build.  Very confusing.
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Use the ingame feedback standing next to that node. The report will automatically include the coordinates of where your character is while sending it.
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my mine's and production is working well far away .. my trains are always full with stuff
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