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So, I have 2 bugs reguarding the train, i have made a video on youtube about it, my youtube channel name is, Power Of The Pride, or the video link is here, https://youtu.be/6dGHFF_q8GA , I have downloaded some mods but i do not think they have cause any problems. So i was working on a 1TW nuclear power plant and i made a train to transport all the unused resources within the area so i dont have to deal with radiation when complete. The train is alot shorter than its supposed to be (46 locamotives and 98 frieght cars in total) the majority of the fright cars are invisible and i cant interact with them, when the train stops to load they load perfectly fine, the load at one and unload at the other, but the stations are unloading into nothing. the second bug is when the train is leaving the station it teleports to the other station and causes a lag spike (both trains are connected to the same line), as far im aware the lag spike only happens when im near to the teleportation and these bugs only seem to be cosmetic.

Also to mention a very minor issue is that the closest impure S.A.M Ore (Uranium ore under the waterfall and swamp biome for reference) dosent seem to be extracting.

Thanks in advance and have a Satisfactory day :D

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You claim that you have some mods installed and you don't believe they are the cause ?!

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Yeah so my cold ridden brain didn't think to remove the mods and try that first, sorry about that, it fixed the teleporting issue but not the train being visibly shorter
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The train just now teleported (without the mods) and is still visibly shorter
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Unfortunately because your save was created / built with mods in it, your game may be still facing mod-related issues even if you disable the mods. Your entire issues may be related to the mods in general and no one can really help you diagnose anything unless you had a 100% vanilla play-through and still have the same issue. Once you use any mods, any bugs or anything other than the standard game then anything you experience is almost completely your own issue to figure out and shouldn't even bother being reported. That may not even be a problem with the game it's self at all.
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