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Basically if you stack either a splitter or merger on top of eachother, the direction of the arrows doesn't follow from the previous placement, but rather go in a completely random direction the next time you place it.

This is really annoying when you want a tower of conveyor belts going into lets say a manufacturer who needs 3 or 4 items. It would make sense for it to keep the previous placements rather than change them in a random pattern.

How to reproduce:

1. Place one splitter/merger in any direction.

2. Place the next one(s) without changing the current arrow directions.

You should see a random pattern develop even when standing in the same place.

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This is not a bug. Each new splitter is a new object that has nothing to do with the previous ones. Yes the directions change, that's on us to see this and change them each time. Other machines do this too.

Instead of a bug report you should file this as a request to ask them to get splitters to remember how you placed them.

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It's still a bug though. It makes zero sense for it to do this. If i go in the buildable menu and click splitter. Then when placing it down and stacking, it should just repeat the same pattern.

HOWEVER, if it reverted back to it's original position as it was from the buildable menu, then it'd make sense. But this doesn't do that.

It's the same like if you wanted to type the letter r but then you'd get a capitalized r instead, randomizing every time you pressed it. It shouldn't do that, so its still a bug.
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I explained in another post and I guess I'll explain here again so you can understand:

A bug is when there is unexpected behavior in-game. Developer codes one thing. Game does not behave how developer expects it to behave.

In this case the developers actually coded the game to allow us to place splitters inside of each other on purpose. Therefore this actually is not a bug. This is the intended and expected behavior of building with splitters. It's supposed to be this way.

I understand you do not like this behavior so instead of reporting it as a bug you should post a suggestion and (politely) request that they alter their game to be different.
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That has been like that from day one, and never considered as bug !!
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