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Hi All,

So i've been working on a massive factory where bottom floor have lines of storage where each storage is linked together in a line for each type of item you can produce or gather. On 1'st floor and up i have production and one conveyor return line for each floor to storage floor and then i'm using smart splitters to sort each item into correct storage. Issue here is when a storage group is full or rather almost full, i would like to be able to send a signal to one or more machines to turn off so production stops. Currently it just backs up my return line because a full storage line will result in the item have no where to go.

The way it could work is on storage containers i could enable a
'Enable signal when above X% full on channel Z'
'Disable signal when below Y% full on channel Z'

X, Y and Z should be adjustable. On machines and power poles and anything else that have On/Off function, it would be nice to then enable 'Turn on/off on channel Z'

This way i would be able to either power of a whole group of machines or just turn off the first machine in a production line, or the power to a whole section (as i've devided my production into power groups.

The send signal when above, and turn off signal when below should be global and individual so you can have one storage in a line to enable a channel, and another in a line to disable.
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This is the exact reason I don't use splitters: they assume perfect supply-chain management.
Odd that I had roughly this idea yesterday and was like, "naw, coding this game is probably too hard already. They're not gonna do that." :P

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The solution is to not build a mega-factory with too little storage space :)
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No it's not and i would not say that 12 of the largest storage containers for each item is "little storage space" please don't post "answers" this useless. You don't add anything to the conversation. This is a factory, you need sensors to do any proper automation.
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Another Power control Stupid suggestion !!



Soon new Update will come and most likely will add Power wall witch will make power lines obsolete, therefor any power control unit or similar crap not going to happen!
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Actually I usually try my best to help people. But thanks for the insults. That's nice of you.

As to the OP: Production lines are supposed to back up when storage is full so your machines can idle down / turn down to standby. That's the point of the game. That's the end-goal of the game to have 10k - 20k of every item stored and all the machines idled down.
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Helping is not discouraging people from posting, to tell everyone they are wrong or that nothing is a bug.
Let people post their feedback, bugs and suggestions regardless  of how you feel about them.
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yup i kinda got that impression. Also it's quite funny that they rage and insult that i flagged, and the second i post a response i get flagged and so did you, but they are the aggressor insulting and what not. Even my original post is flagged as spam or inappropriate
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Yeah its just the salty behavior showing, the flag on your post is silly, I wouldn't worry about it.
Keep posting ideas and feedback! Dont let people deter you from doing what you think is right :)
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FYI that wasn't me. I haven't flagged anything in this thread. It was all flagged already before I found it.
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