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Currently multiplayer gets laggy and unstable quickly when the game starts to grow, so I'd like to know if some building practices can help mitigate the lag.

I'm talking about optimizations that affect the netcode, not just the local game.

Do very long (as in, for resources transport between location) conveyor belts cause a lot of traffic?

Does the game optimize out factories that are far away if no player is near them?

Does completely enclosing your factory with walls/ceilings cause them to be optimized out?

Does longer render distance cause the game to try to sync more stuff?

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The last post/update about network optimizations was this blog post from July 18, 2019: https://www.satisfactorygame.com/blog/2019/7/17/satisfactory-network-optimizations

Since then there have been no further news, posts, updates, roadmaps or anything else about network optimizations.

However they have announced on their youtube videos that they are currently hard at work developing dedicated servers. This should (in theory anyway) resolve a high percentage of the current networking issues relating to multiplayer. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that they probably aren't even trying to fix or update anything to do with the current version of multiplayer and instead they are probably trying to focus hard on making dedicated servers work instead. It would make logical sense to me to replace the entire current version of multiplayer with the dedicated server setup as that should be far superior in every way compared to what we have right now.

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Correct, while they havent shared any info really, I saw in a twitter post that they have addressed the 'invisible structure' bug for clients in multiplayer.
From several people I've heard the Experimental version indeed 99% solves that issue. so whatever they did, seems to work.
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