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When standing in a poison gas cloud, the game will alert you with a sound whenever you take damage.
At the same time, it does X amount of damage.

If you stand in a spot where several poison gas-clouds overlap ( 2, 3 or more) the game will actually STACK those ticks of damage (and play the sounds for each of them in sequence), causing you to die significantly faster than if you are standing in 1 poison gas cloud.

Please make it so that no matter how much gas pipes or gas plants spew poison in your area, you only take a fixed rate of damage.
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Is this a bug ?
If you inhale twice as much poison, I would *expect* twice as much damage...
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It sounds counter-intuitive for me, hence I reported it as such :)

I also think it's just less 'fun'  than taking a set amount of damage when walking through poison, regardless of how many spawners there are for the poison.
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Guess those are volumetric triggers, adding a global variable should be enough to fix the scripted reference, unless this was actually intended to be this way (as Kelsey pointed out : makes sense the source deals faster and higher damage if the amount of gas is bigger in the sample area). However, they are going to put in place a system to actually "deal" with those gas emitters (beside the gasmask), I'm curious to see where things are going...

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Sounds like you forgot to put on your gas mask before entering the cloud. There are ways in-game to mitigate gas clouds. Craft em and use it.

Also like above poster said: If you walk in to 3 gas clouds overlapping you should expect 3 times the damage. That's just logical common sense.

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Nah I don't forget my gas mask, I can't be arsed to bring it with me and switch between items for stuff like that so I just damage-boost through them.
Nuclear is different because it takes a lot longer to set up so you're stuck in that area where you take damage for longer meaning you have to actually prepare for it.

I would consider bringing gas mask and filters if we got a second body slot so I don't have to waste inventory space :)

I personally still think that poison should do a set amount of damage regardless of amount of spawners around :)
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