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I’ve noticed that you can get alt recipes before you can make them in a machine. Like you can get alt iron ingots before the steel tier is unlocked (foundry). Same for alt heavy modular frames, you get this before the space elevator payload has been sent to unlock tier 5/6. You can make the standard recipe at the craft bench but I don’t understand why when the tech tier is not yet available.

If you look at how I documented the Loose Deposit Challenge you can see how I chose the path the game took but yet I was given recipes I didn’t have the machine for, way before the tech tier was available https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/eg2y8h/loose_deposit_challenge/

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Yes, getting alt recipes before you can use them is a silly concept.
There should be several requirements for an alt recipe to show up:
1. tier in which the item can be crafted is unlocked
2. machine the item is crafted in is unlocked

Getting a recipe that requires a foundry ( available in steel tier) in tier 1 is pointless.
Getting a  recipe for an item you cant craft yet ( alt heavy modular frame ) is silly.

Please match the alt recipe to the tier in which all requires are met at the latest.
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I'm in two minds about this.
Yes, I see your point: effectively, "if I can't make it now then don't offer it to me".
That said, however, there is the "look at what you will soon be able to do" teaser effect...
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I would agree with that if the alt recipe unlocks were consistent in that experience, but since it seems to only be a few alts, I'm inclined to say they just forgot to put those in the right spots instead of saying 'it's intended' haha
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