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I was moving my Hub yesterday (probably with full inventory) and the Alien Artifacts (Loops and Spheres) that were in the Hub Box were nowhere to be found after that.
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if your inventory is full when picking up stuff, it will drop a crate with those items. check in the original location for a grey small crate.
If you cant find it, use https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map

upload your save in the top left there ( %LOCALAPPDATA%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames )
You'll be able to check all the crates in your world and their contents by hovering over them.
Should make it easier to locate them
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I maybe should have clarified I have 600hrs+ on the game and know how the player crate mechanics are "supposed" to be working. That is why i mentioned the full inventory.
I also have checked the save with available tools before posting this bug report.
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I've had crates spawn inside other structures and inside mountains/ under the map, hence I suggested what I did.  which tool did you use? the one I linked?

Edit: Have you tried reloading an auto-save to retrieve the items ?
You could rebuild the stuff somewhere and check if it always happens or if it was somehow an incident.
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Don't store anything in the hub that you don't want to lose. Sometimes the game glitches and things get lost. I haven't had a problem since I made extra storage boxes nearby to hold important stuff.
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