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My first point is something somebody else pointed: Having a pinkish/orange fog on the early morning or at the end of the afternoon looks great, but keeping it during all the day is just a bother as it prevent us from sightseeing X.x  While it's beautiful shader, too much fog kill the joy.

This being said, here come the real bug report: some fog transition doesn't work well at all, especially when moving vertically. Fog disapearing from an entire plain in less than a second while I just moved a few meters. Smoothing the transition would probably reduce this effect.

I got this effect while walking from a plain to a surelevated bridge I made over a river (over the sea?)

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It would be better, if the fog effect  was always visible, instead of only when you are inside the fog box.
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Yeah, fog in this game is probably one of the only visual complaints that I have. Not just in how suddenly it appears/disappears, but also how heavy it is. There have been scenarios where the fog is so bad, that I can't see my hand. I lose all orientation, like wearing a blindfold in a dark room.

The worst fog location is near the waterfalls by the poison swamp. At some times of the day, the fog gets absolutely ridiculous.

I've actually created a train along the base of the waterfall there, and it's really stupid looking when you ride it, because you see the fog rise up out of the swamp when you get to a certain height, and then instantly fall down again when you move out of that height.
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