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I bought this game somewhat recently as I have been keeping an eye on it for a while now and I am really enjoying it so far.

It would be great however to have working multiplayer without the epic games launcher.  I don't like DRM and being forced to use third party launchers such as epic games and steam doesn't feel right.  DRM only punishes us, the paying users.

It looks like the game already support multiplayer on it's own without the epic games launcher because of the -epicportal flag and the game seems to start a multiplayer server already but without the direct ip or lan part.  Please add a bit of extra functionality to type in an ip address and let the connecting player pick their own user name through the join screen.  Nothing fancy is needed, just the ability to host a game on one computer and on another computer to join the game by typing in a user/player name and an ip address.

This would make me very happy.

Also the developer videos from Coffee Stain Studio in the update 3 video mentions that the game is DRM free which is great.  It also mentions you can play single player using the -epicportal parameter, however this doesn't fully work as every time you load your game, you get a new player name and lose all your inventory and hot bar.  You then have to find your previous player in the world and kill them and equip all your stuff and set up your hot bar again.

Please add direct ip and/or lan multiplayer to this game without the epic game launcher.

Thanks :)

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Right now the game is on early access beta.

The DRM is required for collecting reports about bugs. After full release, there won't be any DRM as devs promised.

Also, soon dedicated servers will be added to the game.
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But will dedicated servers address what I want?

It seems to me that most of the functionality is there already for what I ask and the epic launcher is just used for getting the user name but the hosting of the game is done in the game itself.  This would be such a great feature for me.  I hope the devs listen to their fans and add this feature.

As for the reports about bugs, I came here to report bugs and suggestions so it's not a requirement to have it in game :)
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As long the game is in Beta Early access ,it will require DRM !
For online playing,  Epic launcher will be required, for Single play no .
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