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Game is DRM free according to the developers (which is great and I love), however every time you load your game you start as a new character when playing offline (with -epicportal parameter mentioned by a Coffee Stain Studio developer) with a different player name.  You then have to find and kill your old character and take all their stuff and re-set up your hotbar.

Please add support for setting your player name in game and running the game fully with all features without epic launcher.
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It is DRM free, it would not run without Epic, otherwise.

The login is Epic account recognition. Which it needs, seeing that you can switch between single player and multiplayer, with a setting. So unless they add a way to permanently make a singel player save, it will stay that way.

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Early access will require DRM.

After full release DRM will not be required.
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Actually the developers themselves said that the game is DRM free in the update 3 is delayed video.  They said you can copy the game into a new directory and play it that way without epic (they mention using the -epicportal parameter).  They suggested this as one way to stay on a previous update.  Yet it doesn't work fully because a new character is created every time you load your game.

Just adding a player name setting in game would fix this.
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