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Please add blueprint support so that you can select the area you want to blueprint, save the blueprint and call it up and put it down at any time like in the game Factorio.  Blueprints should persist across different games and snap to other things already built, including if they overlap the same entities already built.  Eg. extending stackable conveyor lines should snap to previous stackable conveyor poles.

It's not enjoyable to repeat the same boring tedious actions over and over such as stacking two columns of 6 layers of stackable conveyor poles every 6 concrete tiles for a main bus system, then connect up each lane individually for every 6 tiles (in game limit on how long conveyors can go approximately).

Blueprints are extremely important to maintain enjoyment of this game and maintain sanity :) please add support for it.

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To reply to the last two posters.

Please watch the video again he clearly says no first then immediately says "at this point no, maybe we will, I don't know", then the other guy says "we'll see".

I also didn't keep asking for blueprints.  I asked once.  You people don't have to be rude about it.  You don't have to keep putting the word "no" in capitals.  You clearly didn't watch the video and are choosing to ignore the developer immediately backing away from his no answer.

It's been a year since that video and there is clearly a need for blueprints.

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There won't  be any , devs made it clear in Q&A
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Here is your answer, Time : 46:55

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The developers said no and thus no blueprints. It's their game and we're mostly just along for the ride. If they don't want blueprints then we don't get blueprints. No is no. No blueprints.
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Actually they said maybe they will implement it later, just a few seconds later if you look at the video and that video is from Feb 6 2019 and now it's later (almost a year later actually) and blueprints are a required feature.  Nobody likes repeating mundane boring tasks hundreds of times.  Being a belt layer and a conveyor stacker etc is EXTREMELY BORING and severely detracts from the game.  This is a game about automation and repeating these mundane tasks is not in the spirit of automation.

I am asking for blueprint support from the developers.  Hopefully they listen as from what I heard they are good at listening to their fans and customers as I'm not the first or last to ask for this feature.

Thanks :)
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Jace clearly said : NO !
Also he said, he is been discussing that in other video.
They been thinking about it.
Maybe they will add them, but right now the answer is NO !
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They said no in the video and you're just choosing to ignore it and keep asking anyway. Blueprints are never coming to the game. Developers said so.
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