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1. Elevators, for humans and vehicles.

2. rotating train platforms, The train platforms that spin so you can have a train yard if wanted, used for organizing and multiple train routes, POSSIBLY controlled by a control room similiar to suggestion 8.5.

3. A change to liquids as in, liquids have to be transfered through pipes. (similiar to factorio, if possible)

4. New Vehicle suggestions and ideas:

4.1 -- tanker car (Train) - to carry liquids raw liquids from one place to another -- Drum liquids can be transported with normal storage cars. (If raw liquids are added)

4.2 -- Vehicle car (Train) - a way to transport your vehicles on a train, like a flatbed tow-truck.

4.3 -- Passenger car (Train) - for train to transfer passengers from 1 place to another without having to stand ontop of train or driving it.

4.4 -- Hovercraft (Vehicle) - also able to hover on land and over water if possible, doesn't hover high, if jumped off a high area falls slower than a normal vehicle negating fall damage.

4.5 -- aircraft (Vehicle) - some sort of flying vehicle that can also be automated (futuristic, very late game vehicle)

4.6 -- Jumping car (Vehicle) - similiar to the hopping car from the playstation 2 game jak3, uses suspension (with compressed air) to launch the car up.

5. farms/crops (that can also be grown indoors, layers and automated, as they exist in real life) [probably already suggested by another person]

6. Garage style doors, so people can make a garage for vehicles (used with gate wall) [could possibly be already planned]

7. able to build your own hub in your factory, basically like the M.A.M and such as single objects instead of all just part of 1 building that can't be changed, ability to move stuff you use in hub to other buildings(useful for multiple bases).

8. CCTV cameras with monitors, So you can watch your other factories from other locations, Incase one stops working for any reason (should be wired up to the CCTV hub, maybe use the power poles as 4 power cables and 2 CCTV wires?)

8.5. Continuation to monitors, monitors which can show the stats of certain things like power usage, how filled a storage is etc.

9. Ability to add railings to the stairs (so people don't fall off of high staircases, but some people can keep the railings off if they wish to)
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If you search - you'll find almost all of these has been suggested a number of times in the past.
Better to up-voto those suggestions rather than astart yet another mega-thread.

Also - when you create a new entry - there's a note that says something to the effect of "one suggestion per post".
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1. for humans yes, for vehicles no, build ramps
2. No It's easy to build loops and junctions
3. What's this obsession with pipes? They can look cool, but in practicality barreled fluids are just fine
4.1 See above
4.2 Vehicles can move on their own, why put them on train? What's the point?
4.3 Max player in vanilla is 4. What would you use a passenger car for?
4.4 Could be nice, except slower fall, that's not how a hovercraft works
4.5 I'd like that, but already declined by devs
4.6 Unrealistic, not very useful, and totally outclassed if 4.5'd be a thing
5. This ain't farming simulator
6. May be nice, until then MoarFactory mod has it
7. You can build equipment workshops and craft benches wherever you want. 1 MAM is just enough.
8. Would be a nice eyecandy, but not much practicality, and would cause a lot of load on hardware, as each cctv stream'd be required to render by the game engine independently then include them into player's main frames.
8.5 Some centralized monitoring functions may be nice
9 Could be nice, but i think very few people're actually using the stairs, jump pads are preferred by most
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Some type of storage system that works similar to a Computer. For examlpe. You have Hard Drives which add 64 slots these connect to the Motherboard which then needs to be connected to the Terminal Interface. If there were lots of Hard Drive slots then you could have all your storage in one place and then some how have your items from all you different machines put into the hard drives. Also if you could search for items or just scroll through them you would be able to get to you items alot quicker. Then if there was a way to connect the Computer to the Crafting station and you could select the item you want to craft then you could click on it and the Computer would search to see if you had those materials available and if they are, then they will be put in to be crafted. Having a system like this would be very Satisfactory. :)

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Devs made it clear !

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