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I was trying to expand my factory using splitters but am unable to connect conveyors belts to inputs anymore. It keeps coming up with the message "conveyor belt is obtructed" or something along those lines and wont connect to any input no matter what. I tried using different positions for the splitter, i tried using different locations, and i tried using different conveyor belts but no matter what they will not snap-to any inputs. It WILL snap to the outputs on the splitters (including if the splitter is rearranged so the output is where the input was) but not to any input on a splitter or production buildings. It worked once when i started the session but i decided to change the position of the splitter i had originally placed down because it was too close to my coal plant for me to use all sides. After i deleted that splitter that is when the conveyor belts stopped working. It looks like what is happening is instead of snapping to inputs it tries to place a conveyor support beam and connect to that and that is what is obstructing building but i don't know why it would do that. I also tried closing and reopening the game and reloading an earlier save (before the problem occured) and its still happeneing. Please help this makes the game unplayable!

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You sure you don't have the direction of the conveyors going the wrong way?
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OMG so i AM dumb not because it was the wrong conveyor belt but because i was mistaken as to the building i was trying to take from. Turns out i wasnt connecting to what i thought i was a storage i was trying to take from the input of a smelter and put it into another input :/ This game is lovely and i am sorry for wasting everybodies time.
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Also it is possible to put splitters inside of other splitters. Perhaps you did that and didn't realize. Try removing / dismantling the splitter, placing a new one and see if that solves it.

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Thank you for the help but it turns out i was just trying to take from an input and put it in another input *facepalm*
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