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I'm an experienced player, returning after a break of several months.  I had been playing in the grassy plains, and got a good oil production line going, etc.  Now I'm trying the desert.

I can't remember how to build a downward ramp.  I'm trying to get to some coal; I'm on the edge of a cliff, and I want to build a ramp going down.  

I'm using foundations of the 8x4 variety, either flat or ramped, to get them to fit together.  I can barely even get the ramp started.  

I have a flat foundation at the top, and I built a single ramp piece going down.  Then, standing on the ramp piece, I built a flat piece underneath.  I can't figure out how to get the next ramp foundation to fit on the edge, to make the next step down.

I've looked at a couple YouTubes which make it look easy, but I just can't get it to work.  It's really frustrating.  Why is it so difficult to build a downward ramp?  Can the devs do something about this?  Can I get a hint, as to what I need to do?  Thanks.


Edit:  I think the main issue here was that the cliff was not 'high' enough, and the foundation was wanting to be built on the ground down below the cliff.  So I jumped down, and built the ramp from below.  It will be interesting to see how it goes from a real high cliff.

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It's a lot easier to build a ramp downwards if you build it towards you. Make a platform that you can stand on opposite of your ramp location. Build a foundation, place a ramp, put a small foundation on the bottom, attach another ramp on the end of it. Rinse and repeat as needed. I have built ramps over 50 blocks long with this method.
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I build a double wide ramp.

  1. Place left side ramp
  2. Place foundation under left side ramp
  3. Place foundation on right side, next to the one you snapped on left side
  4. Place ramp IN front of the right foundation. If you place on top, you need to do the edge trick, to place next ramp.
  5. Then place the ramp on the right foundation.
  6. Now you can simply walk forward on the left side and snap a foundation under  the right ramp, to start the process over.
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Ah, good ideas; thanks.
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