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When I'm in a game with a friend, when I move around sometimes it appears that i'm not in the correct location on their screen (as they share their screen). Sometimes, when I adventure out too far into the map, or something, I cannot move anymore, and my screen is totally frozen. I'm not able to move, and the only thing I can see is my hand. When that happens, I am forced to click respawn. When I do, I go back to my Case. When I get there, it is usually near a wall or something like that. Sometimes it isn't, but most of the time it is.

It's really weird and it would be nice if this could be fixed or tell me how to fix it if it's an issue on my end. I love this game, and I would really like to play it. I have for a while, but I cannot adventure out anywhere because of it.

Network Quality Setting is set to Ultra.

Also, both of our connections are fine.

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You may want to read this. In the current version of multiplayer in this game there are quite a lot of issues and bugs relating to synchronization currently. They are working on dedicated servers and hopefully soon we will have dedicated servers for Satisfactory and all of these issues will be a distant memory. At least that's the theory then.. for now we probably just have to cope with the current (very very broken) version of multiplayer that doesn't work at all most of the time until we get dedicated servers.

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