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Yesterday I clicked launch on the epic store and it prompted me to chose whether to upload or download from the cloud. However I accidentally clicked to download instead of upload and now I have lost a day of work.

I know that this is my fault but I just wanted to know if I could retrieve it back

Thanks in advance

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There should be more auto save.

Just see witch one is from that date.
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my save and all the auto saves have deleted the dates go from 17 to 18 to 20 missing 19
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That is why I don't use cloud save.
Cloud save is for people who play on multiple PCs,
But if you use just one PC, what is the point for that ?
You are more likely losing save by download corruption than loading from HDD.
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@ kmarkopl: Cloud save is still useful even if folks have 1 PC. What if some natural disaster (fire, tornado, etc) happened and their computer was destroyed. Or what if they live in an apartment building and someone above them flooded the apartment and it dumped water all over their computer while it was running, etc. Or what if they got a virus and had to format their entire computer and re-install windows without warning. If they used cloud saves they could build another computer and download all their progress.  There's lots of reasons to have cloud save support.
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