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I've noticed a land whale right next to my base which is caught on a tree and can't seem to get out of this awkward spot.  If I had a chainsaw, I would cut the tree down, but I don't have that tech yet.  (I'm in the regular EA game.)

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You or the whale is stuck? if you are stuck then load the last save you have where you aren't stuck, or if you aren't than bring lizard dogs to the whale for company until you can free them

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The land whale was stuck.  When I built a chainsaw, I cut down the tree and the land whale was freed!  Yay.  But the lizard dogs are a good idea.
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In my current game, when I first started, somehow a whale got stuck on top of my Hub. It just stayed there, moaning piteously. Even restarting the game, it was still there. Only way I could get rid of it was when I was finally ready to start dropping foundation tiles, so I disassembled the Hub and that freed the whale.

In terms of answering your question, if the whale is well and truly stuck, I see only two alternatives. One is to use the chainsaw to free it. The other would be to kill it. Possible ways? Stack some containers until you can reach the whale, then zap it death. Shoot it with a rebar gun or rifle. Blow it up with explosives.

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Ah, interesting ideas.  The hub thing is easier because you can move the hub.  

If you don't have a chainsaw, how do you get rid of a tree?  In my case I waited until I had the chainsaw tech and then cut down the tree.  

And yeah, I suppose you could use these methods to kill the poor whale.  I don't think I'd have the heart to do that, though.  Save the land whale!
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