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Hey, I got and idea of how could train tracks be constructed in a similar manner as seen in the E3 trailer (elevated with support pillars). The system could be implemented on top of the current one.

The different construction and slope modes could be switched between using a keybind (CTRL? ALT?). On all types of elevated track, support pillars could spawn. These would have a limit of how deep down they can go (200 meters?), not appearing above the void.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Thank you for reading, Ondar111

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As someone who also built a elevated  line last night on the oil coast I fully agree. Train tacks feel a little clunky atm where I have to build a foundation pillar, start to build the track and figure out where the track become too long and build another foundation platform at roughly the same height. If I could just set it to a certain height kind of how cities skylines does elevated roads that would make it way easier

I don't think it would be terribly hard. Things could be built the same way they are now. Just hit page up to start the rail with a 2m post and all nodes will now have a 2m post raising it off the ground. If I were to hit page up again it would now build posts at 4m. Alternatively if I were to hit page down instead it would drop the rail down to their current behavior.

I would love to this behaviour with conveyors as well. I want to start my conveyors at a certain height. I don't want to have to select a conveyor pole place it select a height do the same for the nest node then switch to conveyors to connect the two. It would be alot less clunky if we could just select conveyor page up or down to our preferred height and build our line.

This wouldn't obselete the conveyor poles either because when you are doing precise 90 bend you need to place the conveyor poles in most instances to get a clean looking elevator
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I agree with what you said. Using PGUP/DN is a clever way to implement it, and it could work with conveyor belts too
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