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Holding down a movement key while underwater, forces you to remain at the same vertical space, meaning you cannot rise or dive underwater, if you are already moving.
You also gain a lot of speed when you just landed inside the water.
I am not sure if this is intended, or a bug.
Holding still makes you float back up. I am unsure if it's possible to drown or not


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It is not completely level.  Travel a distance, and you slowly surface
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Not being able to dive sucks, drove a tractor off a cliff into a lake, deconstructed it but didn't have the inventory space, so need to dump inventory, climb up the cliff and jump from really high to get the momentum to get to the bottom to collect the tractor materials because swimming down isn't an option.
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It is possible to force yourself down under the water by finding an overhanging rock face, and swimming straight at it.  This forces you underwater as you swim forward.  You can then swim away from the edge of the water to explore underwater for a while.
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