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(Apparently #satisfactory-experimental is aware of this, but it doesn't appear to be properly reported here.)

Experimental has a few issues with super low resolution textures, as demonstrated here (picture taken at the desert oasis): https://i.imgur.com/KEQHQHl.png

Also, textures on walls have visible seams and do not match up against textures on gates/doors/etc: https://i.imgur.com/EAX0jsg.png

Neither of these issues appear in the current Early Access release.

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I've seen the sand texture issues  in my own save too,  in the arch/ cave northwest of the grassfields spawn if you follow the path up the hill from the coal nodes next to that lake.
definitely worth improving on, I think it doesnt show these errors on EA so it's likely an EX only issue

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This is an early access game in active development. I have assumed things like this are just because the game is unfinished and I would just assume the developers know about this sort of thing and they'll just come back and flesh it out later. They created the areas where these issues are originally. Surely they saw all of this internally while they were creating the places in-game before pushing it to us and must know these problem areas exist. That's just my $0.02 though.

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These areas were fine on EA, but are now messed up on EX, meaning it's likely something in the EX build that changed.

since it seems to be a general issue with specific models that make up the terrain being messed up, it's good to report it here.
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Experimental had updated engine, that is why you all getting this graphical glitches
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