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What's the problem?

Currently, the Nobelisk requires these ingredients: beacon, black powder and steel pipes. So, to automate the production of Nobelisks you have to build 2 manufacturers (for beacons and boom sticks themselves). In addition, you need to provide sulfur, coal, iron and copper ore (for stock wire recipe). This seems to be quite a high requirement in case you want to make a convenient explosives/ammo factory.

Proposed solution

I propose removing the beacon from the Nobelisk recipe. This will remove the need for copper (required for wires in beacons) and manufacturers (no need to manufacture beacons, and you could use the assembler for Nobelisks). This recipe will allow the player to more easily acquire explosives (thus exponentially increasing the enjoyment), but it still requires the player to find sulfur + coal sources and automate the production, so i think that it is quite balanced

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It requires a beacon because it is remote detonated.

2 Answers

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People been doing it with out any problems as it is now.

There is no need to simplify anything !
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Infinite amount of ka-boom! That shouldn't be too cheap. BTW let's wait for update 3 as that will change and rebalance things, might do it for nobelisks too.
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Personally I think it should some how be -MORE- complex than it is now. This is the most powerful explosive in the game and very much extremely "End Game." This should be very complex and difficult to automate as it's the most powerful item in the game at the moment. It's perfectly fine as is. If you want the power of Nobelisk then you deal with the construction for it.
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I should note that i haven't reached the "extremely late game" yet. I just researched the rifle at tier 5, and the unlock cost of 50 nobelisks + cost of cartridges makes me wish for an easier automation option at this stage of the game
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Later in the game you will have everything and every ammo type you need completely automated and easily have 25,000 (at least) of every consumable item in the game (including all ammo types) stored in boxes ready to pull out and use at any time. It's super trivial later in game once you automate things.
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To put it that way... Once you have Nobelisk, there's really nothing on the map that is going to stand in your way, so making the recipe be somewhat complicated makes sense. Your definition of what is end game is a bit too restrictive. It's definitely an end game item given that once you have it, the entire map might as well be yours.
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The Nobelisk is supposed to be more complicated as it is an ammunition item and not any kind of elevator resource, besides, you can also use Oscilliators to make them as well
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