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I've been using the rather awesome Satisfactory Calculator website to help me hunt down Spheres and Sloops, and so far every single item has been accurate on there map, except for one.

According to the site, there is a Sloop I haven't collected, yet when I go there the Sloop is not present. I have checked everywhere around the area and found nothing, and I heard none of the usual audio effects of being near a Sloop when I turned sound on to be sure.

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can you add a screenshot of the interactive map showing that location and indicating the somersloop not being picked up yet?
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My bad, map location added. I'm thinking there's a cave entrance somewhere in the area that the calculator map doesn't have yet.

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I went exploring for you to find this somersloop.
There is in fact a cave underneath there.
The cave entrance is on the north-side of your location, where the desert sand starts.
It's a very nice location actually, the somersloop is boxed in by some spiky rocks. but you dont need anything to actually grab it.
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Awesome! Thank you! <3
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