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gathering leaves and biomass is very tedious when you just started off and it would be awesome if you could:
A. make some kind of robot which searches for bushes and gathers them.
B. a type of greenhouse that can either 1. just grow bushes or 2. have a type of arm witch could harvest the leaves and output them onto a conveyor see picture below:
(i did not make this) https://agfstorage.blob.core.windows.net/misc/FP_it/2018/11/26/Agrobot_serra.PNG
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I think that biomass is intended to be a supplement until you get coal.
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The collector could collect more then grass. Mushrooms, Berries, Nuts. Everything you can not mine with a miner.

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Make yourself a chainsaw.  it has an aoe effect which gathers all plants around you.  and sometimes limestone... though I think that's a bug.
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what i ment was like the coal plant so we can automate it fully
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I was thinking they should have an automated leave gathering vehicle. And then have an upgrade to that to harvest tress as well. The vehicle should operate the same way as the trucks where they report to a depot to be unloaded.

All this of course hinges off fully automating biomass from leaves and wood plus fully automating biomass burner refueling.  Perhaps as a higher tier research? Perhaps Biomass burner MK2 with conveyor input?
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