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2 computers A and B in the same LAN subnet

Both run

  • Windows 10 Pro 1909
  • Epic Games Laucher 10.12.1-11194729
  • Early Access v0.2.1.18 Build 109075

For debug purpose both also have

  • Windows Defender Firewall : turned off
  • Send Gameplay Data : unchecked
  • Network Quality : High

For an unknown reason, A reports NAT: TBD and B reports NAT: Strict. It follows that A can't join a game hosted on B (showing exclamation mark next to player name) but B can join a game hosted on A.

In my opinion, reporting so called NAT restrictions is irrelevant in a multiplayer LAN environment. AFAIK NAT/UPnP is performed by the broadband router and is used to forward inbound traffic on some ports of the public IP to an internal private IP where the game actually listens on them. In other words NAT applies to multiplayer gaming over WAN but makes no sense in a local network.

This configuration worked smoothly 3 weeks ago. Nothing changed in the meanwhile excepted some regular updates (Windows, Epic Games and Satisfactory). Could someone help me get it to work again?

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it would be irrelevant if it was pure LAN gameplay, but this game does not support that right now.
Even when you play multiplayer with 2 computers in a home network setup, the game still routes all stuff through the internet and epic connectivity stuff.

If epic servers are undergoing maintenance, you will not be able to play.
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