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Make *a single key* close all of the various pop up dialog boxes (menus) and exit all alternate display modes. (These  are the Inventory menu, Build menu, Build mode, Dismantle mode, Photo mode, Interact menu, Codex menu, Map menu, etc.) This will make it a lot easier to exit out of all of the dialog boxes etc. The lack of a common button is a real inconvenience. Especially when you are attacked and can't close the dialog box, etc.!!

Probably this key be "Q". (Or "Tab".) Because these keys are conveniently placed.
The "Esc" key does exactly what I am asking for. But pressing "Esc" requires the player to take their hand off the movement keys. The "E" and spacebar keys do most of this, they exit all menus, but do not work for the display modes. (Build mode, Dismantle mode, and Photo mode). (Also, spacebar does not exit the Build menu.) The "Q" key currently exits the Build menu, and two display modes, the Build mode and the Dismantle mode. But it does not exit Photo mode. ("F" starts the Dismantle mode, both "F" and "Q" exit the Dismantle mode.)

Currently, in order to close a dialog, the player has to either (1) visually hunt for, and click on the "X" in the on screen menu. Or (2) press the "E" or "spacebar" keys (for menus). Or (3) remember what display mode they are in and which key is used to close *that particular mode or menu*. Or (4) remember only if they are in a menu vs. a display mode, and press "E" or "Q", depending. (Although "Q" doesn't work for Photo mode.) Or (5) take their hand off the keyboard and press "Esc".

The "Exit menu" key should be an additional trigger to close each of the display modes. (It should work *in addition to* any currently existing close key.) Just extend "Q" (or "E" etc.) to also close the other menus and display modes.

Since the player can remap the keys, perhaps there should be an "Exit menu" or "Exit display mode" key binding. Then the Player can set the key to be something other than "Q" (or "E").

Note that the same key can be used to trigger both the "Exit menu" command and open a menu. If an alternate display mode is open, then the "Exit menu" key will close it. Otherwise, the key will do it's other job. (Currently, the "Q" and "E" keys both open a menu and exit other modes and menus.)

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E open and closes most things
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Yeah, I was gonna say... the game already has this. Pressing E or Space bar will close most menus.

The only menu that this doesn't apply to is the color gun color picker menu. (Space bar closes it but discards any selections you make)
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