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Disclaimer: I'm making this suggestion prior to the launch of update 3. One of their teasers did seem to feature some sort of machine that consumes assorted parts. If that machine works in the same vein as what I'm about to suggest, then obviously ignore the suggestion.

Now then a couple things to note: First, I've seen a few people suggest on occasion the concept of a disposal unit. Basically a means of automatically throwing out excess production.

Second, the space elevator, for all its glory, seems to be fairly under utilized. You use it a handful of times to unlock tiers and it's generally easier to fill it by hand than bother with the conveyor inputs.


Use the space elevator as a "disposal" unit. Allow players to build logistics to direct materials into the elevator. This would also give the opportunity to launch it more frequently as well as give players more of a reason to use those conveyor inputs.

The player could be given achievements for sending set amounts of a material. It would be a more productive and incentive-based style of play as "Oh, the container filled up again... let me just throw everything in the trash since I'm not using the stuff."
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My first thought when seeing the "shredder" teaser. totally agree.  Alternatively the elevator could do what the "shredder" supposedly will do; eat excess items and award cupons.

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They confirmed in their latest Twitch stream (January 28th) that the "shredder" (from their second teaser for Update 3) will be used as a resource sink (or disposal unit if you will). You can shred/crush most items, but they confirmed that Nuclear Waste can not be destroyed using the shredder. They also confirmed that the shredder will generate coupons you will be able to use in the new in-game coupon shop (from their first teaser for Update 3), and the more you feed it the same item the less coupons it will generate from that item. However, you can keep feeding it to get rid of excess materials/components to utilize smart/programmable splitters even better and keep your production line running continuously.

They also mentioned that the Space Elevator will play a much more central role when they add a complete story to the game, but the story will apparently be one of the last things they'll add when the game is getting way closer to completion.

All of this is confirmed/stated/mentioned in the Twitch stream I linked to in my first sentence, so I strongly recommend checking it out.

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