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Instead of having wall types for conveyors and doors you could add two modifiers that only work on walls. You would place a wall and then select either the conveyor or door modifier from the building menu to create holes in the wall. This would reduce the number of items in the "Walls" menu by 10.

You could cycle through the 1-2-3 variations with the scroll wheel and aim the "1 hole" variation with the mouse.

As an added bonus this would allow for a wall with both a conveyor and a door.

Maybe the perpendicular conveyor should also be made into a modifier for consistencies sake.

On top of all the above it would speed up the process of modifying existing walls quite a lot: No more dismantling and rebuilding.

It would then also be possible to only dismantle the conveyor/door but not the wall. When dismantling the wall, both would of course be dismantled.
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Lets see, 3 door placements and 6 conveyor versions (left-middle-right + combos). I'm not sure its faster to keep scrolling through that, to find the one you want, instead of using the build menu.

Also, how is having fewer things in the build menu, a good thing?
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'Why would you want less items on the build menu?' Because it reduces redundancy?

Personally, I wouldn't do this with the scroll wheel. I'd do it with a circular menu (like how you scan for resources). You hold down the button and you get a circular menu that allows you to select the wall type.

This should also be applied to conveyor belts, where you can select between the different tier belts simply by holding down the conveyor hotkey.
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It also need to be intuative to use. Some building parts having a separate menu, will make things harder to explain.
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