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This is to randomize the type and purity of the ore at placements around the map. The placements would be difficult to move, but the type of ore at the placements. This would make every game more challenging to find good ores, but this should be a choice.
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Well it seems to happens with the small ore deposits scattered around the map when restarting new maps.

Like the idea of choosing this mode.

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First of all, the map is hand made, so any kind of randomize is going to be hard.

2nd, random ore placement dont work that well. Early game so do you need Iron, Copper and Concrete, to get things rolling. With random ore, you might not be able to find that, in a spot you can get to with just your starting zapper or you can end up having copper 1000m from you...
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Yes, didn’t think of it that way, imagine having copper and iron both sides of the map!!! That would be an interesting start to the game!!!
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Simply making the randomized nodes in the starting areas guarantee some Iron, Copper and Limestone would fix that and get you going a long way.
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The solution to this seems rather simple to me. Just create node spawns that are linked to one another. So, for instance, there is a series of 3 iron node spawns where only one of them will actually spawn when you create the save.

Doing it this way will randomize the locations of all the nodes, but will also insure that nodes of a specific type will still be available at some practical location.

In other words, the map designer creates it so that a specific type of resource will spawn in one out of X amount of pre-established locations. Each location is crafted to be accessible and workable by the player. But there is no guarantee that the node will spawn there.
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