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I really want to use the AI trucks more.  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me at the moment.

If I have to drag power out to the remote site, or a conveyor of fuel/coal to power them.  I might as well spend the extra resources to lay conveyor back.  (Added bonus, I can fast run the conveyors to the site when I need to get there).

It would be *cool* to have a “Drone Power Line” mechanic.

(Maybe in Satisfactory V2 :D )

The mechanic works like this:

I build a power line drone “manufacturer/coordinator”.

This building has a maximum # of drones it can coordinate.  Let’s say 12.

I travel to a remote resource node, setup my miners.  Build my truck station.  Setup my AI path.  Then travel to the Coordinator I want to use.  I then pick the Origin distribution point on the map from my available power poles (potentially any power poles with free slots in a certain vicinity of the drone “bay”).  Along with the destination point.

The drones are dispatched and build the lines from point A -> B.  Then self destruct to consume the resource.  Starting at origin power point and working out to remote site.  If each drone builds a power pole.  I can see a staggering effect.  IF all drones reach first pole, one starts building, the others move to max distance and a leader starts building.  Drones move forward repeatedly until the task is complete.

BTW, power lines persist and the drone bay should be fed the appropriate amount of wire, cable and concrete for the drones to compete the task.

Time to build the lines should be relatively equivalent to a player building the lines.

Area’s that are heavily mob infested, I can see a mechanic that causes the drones to be killed by the mobs.  Resources carried by the drones can be left in a crate.  Replacement drones can be auto-created, along with the need to gather resources from the source to build the new line.  (It is the players responsibility to collect crates).

Failures, and issues can be communicated via the email system.  Player’s responsibility to keep up on it.

I think I covered the game balance.  I’m still required to explore,  I still have to fight off the mobs (or cheat and place a building to make them despawn).   There is added “managerial weight”, and “troubleshooting/optimization”.  IF that is how I choose to play the game.

I was talking with my coworker (who turned me on to the game).  Might be fun to see if I can implement this as a Mod.  I’ll wait for final release before taking it on.

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Devs stated it , no drones or any flying vehicles for the player.
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