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I would like to see a male character aswell, as i am a male i feel more immersed When i play as a guy. But i love the game so far!
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The only time you see the character now, is when you die and in multiplayer. So how does the gender change anything?
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While the developers have not said never they have said that is was a very definitive design decision to make us female. As most games would have defaulted us to male, I applaud them for going against the grain and making us female.

Though I can understand your desire for immersion, I would also like to point out that we might be androids with female forms, the death screen and relocation to the HUB on death clue us in on this potential.
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Androids with female Form will make no sense for such a task. And they wont suffer from breathing Chemicals, Radiation etc.

Furthermore the most modern gamedev's are aware, that there are many Womans outside who are playing Video games today. This is why you can choose female / Male in nearly all modern Games.
exeptions are, if the char is defined by the story. E.g. Tomb Raider , Witcher ...
Making only Male or female playable in a game like Satisfactory is not a good game Design decision.  Especially, when the biggest part of your playerbase are male.  
So this Suggestion is not important, but ok.
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