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As the title of my suggestion states, I would like to propose a way to set Satisfactory's difficulty to give a more of a challenge to those that want it. However, the difficulty increase will not be due to an increase in creature hostility, or taking more damage, or even reducing the amount of resources acquired from nodes; Instead, it will increase the complexity of production lines, and resource requirements for some recipes. It is not my intent that this will replace anything in the base game, but to add extra layers of difficulty for those who want to push their factory building and management skills beyond what the game currently provides. 

Think of my proposal like this: In the base game, Steel is made by simply adding coal to Iron (and is generally similar in both alt recipes), but, perhaps on a higher difficulty, it would require that the iron first be purified with limestone (similar to real life) in a first foundry, and then fed into the next foundry, where it will make the steel. In conjunction, or alternatively, there can be different types of products. To continue with the previous example, steel can be made into different types, like electrical steel (combined with silicon, it is useful in electrical applications like rotors, stators, and motors), or maraging steel (a type of very high strength steel, used in engines and structural framing). 

Perhaps, there can be 2 difficulty settings: 

  1. The base game, which is the easies to manage. 
  2. A second setting, adding in more complex recipes, like limestone + iron = purified iron, purified iron + coal = steel, and maybe also the specific production recipes like maraging steel, and is more difficult to balance and manage.
Any thoughts, corrections, clarifications? 
Thank you, and stay productive smiley
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At first glance I can already see quite a huge problem here :
Implementing new middle stages with dedicated recipes also means new 3d models for the byproducts with all the ramifications this brings to the already existing machinery and so on... do you see where this is going? I mean, all this extra work just for an "optional mode"? In my book (dev wise) this would be worthwhile if part of the main game, I mean, all the time spent in such a "side system" could be used to actually expand the base game with more props and whatnot. Difficulty modes usually starts from an easy to manage, test and set variable changes (sometimes it's more than that but it deeply depends on the game itself).

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While i like the idea, i Think the effort to implement a such difficult System brings a lot of work for the Dev's. New Models, new recipes, Balancing etc. . I think this is something for modders. In my opinion, the Dev's should focus implement new Game Mechanics, bug fixes and Finish & Polish the Game.  Regards
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