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Currently the game uses faaaar too much GPU, while the CPU is pretty much sleeping all the time. This raises MANY hardware issues.

The GPU constantly operates at 100% when the game is running, while the CPU is barely even used at 20%. I have an i7 4720HQ, and a GeForce 950M.

Before release, the devs desparately need to distribute the load a lot more evenly between the 2 processing units, because currently the GPU gets to a whopping 97 °C, and I am not risking burning my laptop out. Therefore after about 3 hours of gameplay during the free weekend, i had to stop playing.

During the time I played, I had to lower graphics to medium, and even on that level I got that ridiculous overheating, when otherwise my computer would have easily ran the game on ultra with no problems, if only had the loads been distributed better.

So, summa summarum, until it's not fixed, I'm forced to stay away from the game and not buy it. And this makes me sad, because I'm an engineer of logistics, and I just love this stuff :)

PS: Why are forum posts called "questions"? These are not questions. These are forum posts for reporting bugs, in which there are statements. But whatever :D
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Yeah i get my mileage is very different with the AIO's I have and i'm sure they have alot of optimisations planned to improve what they can but obviously there is only so much they can do. It's a pretty game so the GPU is going to take a bigger hit than the CPU. I guess only time will tell.
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Turning on VSYNC to limit the max framerate to the refresh rate may help.  Those are worringly high temperatures, I concur.
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Yeah I always play with vsync on sadly, and this was also happening with vsync.
Thanks for your comment :)
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trollpost? suggesting 950m can run ultra? yikes... at what.. 8fps? btw its not considered midlevel. try very low end.
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The GPU should run almost 100% as it does all the graphical work in a game. It's the graphics card that render all the images in a game. Your temp is definatly high and as others have mentioned the GPU is old.

Close everything down and open an Excel document and see what loads the most, I would imagine it's the CPU and not the GPU this time.

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tbh thats probaly just because the cpu is much more powerful thatn the gpu so the cpu is waiting for the gpu to process frames, the gpu is basicly a bottle neck as its not fast enough to give the cpu the frames it needs, i have the opposite problem at the moment 17%gpu usage but i only use around 40-50% cpu as well after 10-15 mins of play time
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This is probably the best explanation. You try to push enough performance out of any application and it'll hit a bottleneck somewhere. It sounds like the bottleneck is in the GPU. The 950m is the lowest performing 900 series nvidia card. It was still able to do a lot when it released, but it is simply aging and I cannot be expected to continue to run the newest games without running hot. My 965m is in a similar, though not as bad, boat. It's simply aging and has trouble running newer graphically intensive games on higher settings.
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When using a GeForce GTX 960 4GB FTW mine gets around 57-58°C with fan running 100% when playing on ultra. Yes I have a 14 core CPU so i have to agree that the bottleneck is the GPU and not the CPU. I am not sure if this game is using or supports PhysX or not. https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/physx/faq
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