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It would be good to add signs to attach them to objects (machines, buildings, containers) or to place them on the ground to mark places or directions. It could be a simple text sign or graphics display.
lol... did you even read the thread? Beacons were already mentioned and explanations regarding beacon spam. It would be nice to turn off individual beacons and even groups of beacons to tidy up the hud.
Yes you are right. I thought I read it and I obviously didn't. Sorry about that. I wiped the comment.
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+1 for this.

I would really like to be able to put signs e.g. on the ground pointing me in a smart direction.
It's not always the smartest way to run/drive directly towards a beacon ;)

And as mentioned in comments and in other threads, signs/labels on containers are also something that would increase QOL.
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I am usually building bigger factories all with walls, doors and so on. So even though I built it, it can get confusing sometimes to know which way to go or what resource might come through a conveyor wall - especially now with the item elevators.
Having a label that can be placed on floors, walls and potentially also constructions would immensely help me out.
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Reply to turning beacons on/off: It is possible in the game now from the minimap settings.
But atm it's all beacons on or off, and I second the suggestion to be able to even more in detail control/group beacons and their visibility.
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