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There needs to be a way to make building placement easier, because I wanted to build my entire factory out in the open (which means no foundations, because that is just not necessary to a factory), but seeing where a building actually goes, was very difficult.

  • The input and output slots could very easily be lined up if there was a UI indicator that an output of a machine is in a straight line of another's input. That would make building placement significantly easier. I have seen a blue line appear sometimes during placements, however those were not for lining up buildings, because the conveyor that would connect them was not aligned correctly with that blue line. (I still don't know what that blue line is for).
  • There were "encroaching other building's clearance" error messages when I was laying conveyor belts, even though I tried to do so on an empty plot of terrain. This issue came up most often when I tried to link belts to splitters and mergers. It's a real pain setting those up, because those have conveyor lines so close to eachother, that their hitboxes often collide inside the splitter/merger.
  • Hitboxes have incorrect placements compared to the actual placement of any building.
  • The fact that you cannot put items into the hotbar on the bottom, is just pure annoyance. I accept the need for you to switch weapons in the current UI, but for buildings such as a smelter etc, it's not acceptable. Sorry.
  • The land was just not big enough to have proper assembly lines out in the open. And I really didn't want to bother with foundations, but sadly, there is just not enough space between resource patches, or worse, between two cliffs, to build a proper assembly line of even the very basic materials.

So in my opinion, these points need to be addressed before I buy the game, along with the major GPU CPU load distribution problem, or rather, it's non-existance.

PS: And still, these are not questions, but statements. Why the hell did you guys name forum posts "Question"s? XD

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there is many good spots to build big bases in, i used those foundations because its so much easier to build compact base with those
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The blue line (which appears while holding ctrl) ensures that your buildings centres are in line, not their orientations. You need to manually rotate the building so that the outputs and inputs line up. I do see the benefit of some kind of indicator of this, but it seems tricky with the multiple input machines later down the line.

The encroaching messages refer to not the hitbox but the space required by each machine. This allows for tightly packed machines to still be traversable (IE you can walk between them) For this reason a lot of "bad hitbox" posts are in fact this traversable distance.

And finally, EXPLORE! There are plenty of flat spots if you're willing to go and find them. If you aren't, build a foundation. If you can't be bothered to play the game, don't play the game.

PS: You were not making statements, you were making suggestions. This is not a forum, it is a QnA, suggestions and bug reporting tool.
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I was not holding down ctrl, yet the blue line did appear. Why would you want to have building centers to line up, if you have different placements of I/O ports on buildings? Building centers have no purpouse then. The only useful information that can convey is if you make the same building in a serial connection. But then again, this statement is the restriction of the general statement of I/O ports lining up. So this just makes no sense at all.

What if I don't want an area to be trespassable, and save some space that way? It's completely useless to have trespassable space between some buildings and areas on the map. Also, then what is the answer to the issue I described in my original comment, about the merger/splitter out in the open, yet unable to place belts into it without the encroachment error?

Well, I found it very dull and annoying to explore in a factory building game (Factorio included). The idea of building a building, is that you will stay there to improve it. Not to wonder off into the world kilometers away. It's a self-defeating purpouse. And then, even if I found an allegedly bigger area to kickstart my base off of, why wouldn't the game give me a properly large starting area? I just can't see the reason why this is a good thing. I want to play the game, but it has bad byproducts that shouldn't exist.

Yes, these sentences are grammatically considered statements, not questions. Suggestion is not a grammatical type of sentence. Also, a forum is the medium for QnA's, suggestions and bug reports. A forum is a public place where people can share their thoughts, therefore by definition, this is a forum.
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The blue line appears independently of holding ctrl, ctrl just snaps your build to the line. It is very helpful in producing long, straight conveyors and the like, or placing a large number of constructors in a row, rather than lining up individual building, hence why it is the centre of the building, not the IO ports.
Not wanting an area to be tresspassable to save space is a design choice that the devs didn't make. No way around that one, and I doubt they're changing it. That is what the whole encroachment thing is - when two objects overlap not in hitbox but in space.
Next, the world is *not* random. There is a large flat plain about 300m south from the spawn, and multiple other areas that are fairly flat nearby all the other spawns. Also the world is beautiful so go and explore it and enjoy yourself. If you don't want to that's on you, but it really is clear how much work they put into this world.

If you really wish to be pedantic over literary technicalities, yes this is a forum. However, this is a very specific one: this forum is dedicated to improving a game which has already established it's core mechanics, and so is not used as most internet forums tend to be.  As for statements vs suggestions, my point was that a statement in this context is meant to be factual, whereas you were expressing opinion. Hence, you were suggesting what you thought was wrong with the game, rather than stating something that actually is wrong - the game being unplayable due to a bug is something that can be stated to be wrong with it while you personally disliking an aspect of the game is your own suggestion.
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Yes, as I have also mentioned, the only case where it's correct to use center of building as a centerline, rather than the center of the I/O port, is when you serial link the same building at least twice. Because the I/O ports are located at exactly the same location, since they are the same buildings. But, again, it's a special case.
The broader (and much better) GENERALISED idea is to make the I/O ports the centers (yes, plural, because it would work for multiple IO aswell, you would only have N number of centerlines), which means you will be able to get optimal solution  for CT (cycle time) by having the shortest conveyor belt possible, and use up the least amount of space at the same time. What you currently have to do, is line up every single different building that you serial connect to oneanother, so that their IO ports roughly match the same plane, since you cannot snap it to a center line in order to get the optimal solution.

The encroachment thing is still bullcrap, but fine whatever. I've gotten used to Transport Fever's Bridge Pillar Collision bullshittery, it's close enough the same thing.

I have wondered about 2 km^2  around the starting area, which BTW is not the same every time, because when I started another game, I got spawned at a completely different location than my 1st attempt. I have seen 3 biomes in total, the starting biome, the lava spitting bug biome and the icy looking biome as well. And my experience doing that was the following:
"Hmm I reached an enemy that is spitting fire at me, let's just bail... I got rid of that guy.. let's just go home...*20 minutes later * Ahh, home sweet home, after 20 minutes of walking during which absolutely nothing has happened, other than me holding down the W key.
And the "details" are really reminding me of a jungle. Just put so many bushes and trees in there so that it's hard to spot the details. At the very first time I looked at my screen, my eyes suddenly started to hurt, the screen was so ridiculously full of green. So in the areas I have wondered abouts, it's not at all detailed. They just hid the fact that there are no details by overwhelming the player with junk. I'm sorry but I'm not calling that details.
So I honestly wonder what are you referring to under "details"? Because clearly our experiences are different.

Yes I think I know what plain you are talking about. That is where I set up my base, but with a miner, 2 smelters, 2 constructors, 3 storage facilities, and with 4 merger/splitters, I have filled that space up, and I was managing the space as efficiently as the game let me to do so. And in that space, I have taken up the space from the limestone deposit that is next to that iron deposit. Therefore i had to circumnavigate around the canyon to process the limestone, since there is a somewhat wide, and continously narrowing canyon in the way, and a copper field going further that direction.

And I'm "pedantic" over technicalities, because technicalities are the basic building blocks of... well, literally everything. If someone goes on to tackle a problem, but does so with the wrong mindset, then he is basically effed. No matter the end result. Example: If you get a correct answer in math, but achieve it by doing a completely wrong list of operations, then you have not solved the problem. It's just that you were being a very lucky boy. Same exact principle applies here.
As of I stated opinions and not facts... Well, I have never stated that I have written facts in my original post. Also, I did a search on this forum, and I'm not alone on pretty much all the points I said. There is a point when you have to throw out the window the objective facts, and have to revert to opinions, because it would objectively make the game better. Example: World of Warcraft. Up to 2.4.3, and everything else since.
- The encroachment thing I'm most certainly not alone with.
- Hitbox errors, also most certainly I'm not alone with.
- Almost useless hotbar, I'm not alone with.
- Small distances between mineral deposits, i'm not alone with that either.

The original point of this post was to inform the devs that their game is extremely limited in terms of possibilities. For me, an engineer of logistics, whose literal job is optimising a factory, this, what I have seein in this weekend demo, is a very short coming.
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