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Would be satisfying to be able to fill input slot with one click on this slot instead of searching required item in inventory.

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Um, what? Are you referring to the biofuel burner, for example, opening that, and just one click refueling it? Or perhaps the crafters, opening that interface and one click inserting required material to craft it's designated item?

Cause honestly, that sounds stupid. If referring ot the crafters, that's literally why they have an input belt, and if referring to the Biofuel burner as it doesn't have an input (I omit coal because it has an input for the same reason) Since you can literally put just about any organic matter into it, just with varying results. a 1-click fill wouldn't know what to put in. I mean, it's not like your inventory is massive, it's simple enough to see your fuel, especially if you keep your inventory tidy with the sort button. And if talking about the pod launch of the teir rewards system, as you need the stuff in your inventory anyway a few axtra clicks won't kill you. Plus, if it's something like1k+ of copper wire if instead of shift-click or dragging one at a time if you use CTRL + Drag, you will drag all (or all it asks for) of your currently held copper in one click anyway.
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