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Greenhouse to grow the plants you can collect, for medicine and biofuel.
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I would even take a flower pot or two inside the HUB base that you can plant one of the useful plants in :) The paleberry flowers are quite beautiful!
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I like this idea, perhaps with an expansion building to allow you to further study various plants for  pharmaceutical or industrial properties, mass production of greenhouses with water irrigation to ship off world...
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Oh wow, yeah, a Greenhouse would be wonderful.

So I would also like to see to be able to cook various meals for different buffs (?). I love crafting & cooking.

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That would also allow for automation of leaves/wood for biofuel. It is odd that a game about automating everything has you manually collecting these...
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Ok so here is my thought on farming. Since this game is all about automating everything why not farms? I would add a building that automatically farms the various plants that would have 3 to 4 inputs and they would be biomass/fertilizer, water, crush caterium ore, and some form of seeds. Now the water can came from either wells (new resource nod) or pumps on the river bed either one would be put in barrels like oil is just marked blue. The crush caterium would be made like concrete is and the reason for using it would be an anomaly found and researched that shows it speeds up plant growth. The seeds can come from refeeding a part of the output or skip that part and say it uses apart of the crop for the next harvest. Biomass to add nutrients (maybe it's the mix of caterium ore and biomass that add the faster growth). With all this you can make it balanced by limiting the output speed. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see something like this in the game. (Or pump the water by pipes).
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Have the greenhouse construction cost incorporate Biomass and other items.
After analysis of grow-able items they can be individually unlocked in the Hub Terminal for use in the greenhouse, unlocking cost would be a sizeable amount of the product being unlocked.
Not sure about greenhouse inputs, water, ore etc.
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Otherwise, what are they going to eat in the food court?
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Would love something like this implemented. Even if it's just for later tiers allowing you to fully automate your outdated biomass generators.
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Alternatives to a greenhouse design, but functionally similar to intent:  
Hydroponic Module (would require water input, perhaps a research line similar to the geyser generator)
Bioprinter (would require biomass input to output specialized biomass items)
Cloning Tanks (fast growth of basic biomass items like wood or just generic biomass, coal/carbon input - only works if Biomass has a wider use as a material)
I like the idea of having a greenhouse in game.  
Have the greenhouse early tier.
Since we have several items that give the option to automate with biomass:
                  Biomass Burner

I think water should have to be harvested and brought to the greenhouse.

Would need a water pump which would be placed on an area of water.
The pump would float on top of the water.
Water would be carried by belt in a water bottle/container
Water would be a type of Fuel for the greenhouse.
With out water nothing happens in the greenhouse.
At the beginning I think you should only be able to grow regular plants.
You would need a machine to harvest the plants.  
The machine could be built at the workshop.
The machine only works in the greenhouse.
When the machine harvests the plants you receive leaves.
Then the leaves could be fed into the constructor.
The constructor already has the option to produce Biomass via leaves.

On a later tier unlock the option to grow Mycelia.
This would allow fabric to be automated.
Fabric is already in the Assembler to be produced.
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that would be great
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Or even a way to regrow some vegetation to get rid of all the hard metal look around the factory after you finish building in an area.

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Yes, I would love that! Sustainability!
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maybe it is the only thing to have energy from the sun, and not being able to put that energy to anything just a seperate thing to only grow plants ?
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Or, needs access to the sky, Can't build over it, unless its connected to power for lighting.
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Awesome Idea! but it would need to use alot of biomass power and water. Or maybe we could plant and farm a specific resource there, that is needed in late game, like a rare mushroom or smth that has a specific chemical compound. Glowing Biomass for example.?
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Don't forget the grow mycelia !
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I would love to automate the Biologic aspect of the game.

AND, if possible, Add a little of survival (Hunger + Thirsty)

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