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If you build anything, then remove the platform, building, or conveyor pole that was underneath it, the above building will continue to magically float and function.

This could lead to serious exploits. A floating factory would be immune to attacks, should you add monster aggression in the future. You are also able to create unintended conveyor connections and object placement.

I know some people like this and consider it a 'feature,' but it seems like an exploit/cheat to me. I think it would be in the best interest of the game to fix this, my suggestion being making it so that you cannot deconstruct something with another object on top of it.
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I hope they never get rid of this feature...it makes exploration more fun imo.

As for that being an exploit, they've already got enemies that shoot...there's no reason they can't just shoot your floating buildings.

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Known bug - duplicate of many articles across the site. I believe the devs haven't figured out how they want to deal with this yet.
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Ah, thanks! Looked through about 20 pages and didn't a thread dedicated to it, my apologies for the duplicate!
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