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After the first couple of hours, I'm really excited about what I'm seeing so far. However, the power grind early on is coming off as particularly tedious. I know that wood is more efficient than leaves for fuel generation, but gathering wood at a 1:200 rate of leaves is very time-consuming. Are there plans to add in tree harvesting as maybe a tier zero or one technology to help even out the early game power hump?
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Chainsaw really helps speed up the gathering process. Before getting it I think I spend a total of 10 minutes gathering leaves/wood, over about 3 hours of play.
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What I don't understand is that with all the technology you're provided with as soon as you land to construct complex machinery out of smelted iron and copper (initially mined with a *hand* pick, no less), and it can't produce a simple, primitive axe head?  Either it was completely overlooked by the devs, or it was arbitrarily decided against for who knows what reason.  It makes no sense.   (Similar to Subnautica: you can instantly create all kinds of complex stuff out of the gate, but can't weave a simple fishing net??)
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