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The tower feels... like a really low-tech solution in a high-tech world to a problem that really shouldn't BE a problem. Specifically - planning out the factory from a top-down perspective.

At the moment it's either:
- climb a tower (and take falling damage :P )
- climb a building (HUB or other structures)
- eyeball it

Why can't we have a small, flying camera drone specifically for this purpose? It should be a medium range drone with a camera - can't pick anything up but can be used to scout and, yes, plant / deconstruct structures. It should also be an early game ability, preferably, not an item that requires crafting (albeit this is debatable; it's just that at the moment switching between items feels like a chore).
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was looking to write down something similar but figured others must have come up with the same idea.

yeah, a construction helper & scout drone would immensely help by making building and planning more complex structures immensely less annoying.

so this should be a quadcopter like drone that can stand perfectly still in the air. it should be a normal equipment item that is launched when used and switches camera to the drone. it should have only limited operation radius around the player - leaving it will disable the drone and let it crash. also as the drone uses player resources to build stuff the players radius for placing buildings should probably still apply.

additionally as the drone would be just as invaluable for scouting (locating hard drives/power slugs) it would make sense to have an advanced version with the scanning tool incorporated. that said it should of course not be able to pick up anything by itself as to not make things too easy. furthermore the game could add birds that are passive towards the player but attack drones in order to make exploration more difficult in some areas.

i am disappointed that there are a lot of drone ideas here but only few aim for this functionality.

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The tower has a ladder.  Falling damage is not mandatory.
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All the times I attempted to use the ladder going down, I failed... Or succeeded at falling. :P In any case, even if the ladder worked fine and / or was easier to use, it's still a fairly bad, time consuming mechanic in a setting which really should have something a lot better.
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learn how to use the ladder, get your jetpack ready or vote this up:

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I too suck at descending. Ascending is fine, but I can't seem to go back down ladders whether they're on the observation tower or a few industrial storage containers I have stacked on top of each other. My health bar has thanked me profusely since I found out about the blade runners.
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Build a foundation to place your building and your buildings will be placed on a smaller grid. Makes this way easier... Of course, you dont do this at the very start, but later on this is very much do-able.

Of course getting higher makes this even easier.
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This isn't at all what I had in mind. The problem isn't placing things evenly - I know having a foundation does a solid job of that. The point is to plan out a factory and its layout from a birds-eye view.
Currently, that's what the lookout tower is for. But said tower is fairly awful, IMHO, for a number of reasons ("obligatory" falling damage isn't the ONLY one).
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