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Over the time of weekend, I set quite many foundation tiles.

When returning from exploring I see a huge slate hoovering at hillside

Maybe it would be nice to have some Pillars or something to make it look supported.

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I like this idea

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Same here. I was expecting pillars to be in the game as they were present in the alpha launch trailer, but I was a bit disappointed when they were not. They would certainly help hovering foundations look better.
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This would be a nice to have thing, at least for cosmetic value.

However if (as some below have commented) they made it required, it'd probably require a whole physics engine upgrade. That would probably be a bunch of work.
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Please convert your answer to comment.  I am not sure why it is 'best answer' given it is a comment. *overturns desk*
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I agree, it should be necessary to build pillars (as an additional elements) for further placement of walkways/foundation.
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Please convert your answer to comment.
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I concur. We should not be able to make anything float, being foundations or anything else (by removing foundation under something)
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What added value will this give us?
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Please convert your answer to comment.
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