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Mines shouldn't be infinite in my opinion. Putting a limit on the number of resources you can mine from one mine, forces you to branch out to other mines in the world and gives a feeling of exploration.

Another option is to have it be finite, but then have it generate back over time. Will require designers playtesting but I think in its current state, it is a bit too OP. Personally think, for the beginning of the game, its fine but late game it becomes OP.
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Isn't this the point of the positions of coal mines? They make you branch out.
The problem with finite mines is that in a finite map you will eventually run out of all resources, and that's not fun. Perhaps there could be some way to make people want to expand more however, that I agree with.
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I think without knowing the scope of the mechanics, it's a bit early to tell.
At present it seems that each node has fixed max production amount (upgradable, but there's still going to be a fixed "max").

This means that if your factory is already fairly optimal using your available resource nodes then to increase productivity you'll need to find MORE nodes anyway.
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It depends on how you like to play. But partly agree, it should be in the game difficulty settings.
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@Evan, Coal mines or coal generators are very OP, we can power our entire factory using just one coal mine. (24+ hours of playtime)

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I agree that it would be cool if mines could be finite. It would encourage expansion and exploration. Unfortunately, at its current state, the world itself is finite. If resource nodes could run out then the world could conceivably be mined out or emptied of resources which would make larger factories not plausible.
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